Simply Seasonal

According to the Gregorian calendar, another year (2023) is coming to a close. That time of year where many people across the world enter the yearly commercialist furor and shop, shop, shop, eat, eat, eat and drink, drink, drink.

  • Let’s get XYZ gifts for XYZ people. Person X is surely going to give us a gift, so we have to have one to gift back to Person X.
  • “The food has to be perfect.”
  • “The table has to be perfect.”
  • “Everything has to be perfect. Just like last year. Just like next year.”
  • “The tree has to be bigger than last year. More tree. More lights!”

Oh my goodness, I have a headache and am stressed just writing this.  Pull the handbrake. Stop. Breathe. Relax. Step away from the stress machine and no. one. will. get. hurt.

Take the time to stop, relax, look around, and enjoy. Let it go. Keep it simple. Go watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Enjoy the holiday and live to tell about it.

Photo Used: Our Christmas tree. Simple. Handmade. Reusable.