$200,000 Building Homes With GPT Hammer

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I spent 30 minutes Googling how to build homes in my sleep using the new GPT Hammer & Nails, and sold them with just a few clicks on Instagram. The internet is full of opportunities. Just a quick search on Google will show you there are hundreds of results for a ton of people with the same three “make money in your sleep” ideas that have already saturated the market.

tl;dr: If there are a ton of articles on how to do this, any real market is already saturated and you’re only going to compete for what little falls from the people who already set up those businesses.

The Full Scoop

Ok, for those of you who are curious and want to keep reading (didn’t stop above), I think many of us have considered it, especially in the post-pandemic economic inflation-ridden world that is 2023-2024:

“How can I set up a business quickly that makes, sells and ships products quickly and automatically, and I just receive the proceeds automatically in my bank account?”

Sounds great, right?  Almost too good to be true.  If that message arrived in your email inbox, and you clicked the link provided - I sure hope you have a good antivirus program.

But seriously, since AI, ChatGPT, etc. is all the rage right now, I did a quick search for how to make $XYZ/month automatically using ChatGPT. Because…why not, right?

It seems that everyone has written an article about this amazing miracle, which seems to involve buying stock designs, having ChatGPT spit out silly messages, and automating t-shirt/product creation.  Then they just sell themselves, right?

I do ask myself, “Self, if everyone has economic issues at this point ….who the hell is buying this stuff?!?

The Full House

Now, in theory, the articles describe an interesting process on how to make money. And, unless the authors just made it up (which is also possible), then it makes money for someone.

But, as is the case with anything “in”, once someone sees that XYZ is a success, then EVERYONE wants to do it.

And after everyone starts doing it, it is no longer “in”.  Because, c’mon ….everyone’s doing it.

So we will eventually be flooded with 1,000,000 online stores selling mugs and t-shirts with silly messages provided by GTP Chat.

It’s cool, everyone is doing it, so go follow the crowd.

The Full Money

Still, I suppose that most people will still want to find that magical easy way to make money with little to no effort. I suppose that there are ways to take Chat GPT (which is just a tool, by the way) and apply it to a new idea. If you are going to go this route, at least take a route that no one else is going.

I, for one, have applied ChatGPT to our toolbox and it now builds houses automatically. I’ve written a Python script to post the houses on the internet, so they just basically sell themselves.  :)

Photo Used: unsplash.com