Tech Stuff


Digital stuff these days is created using a Macbook Air M1 8GB (512 GB) (at the time the only configuration available here) and I move the cursor around using the built-in trackpad and the Apple Magic Mouse. When at the desk, I'm staring at a nice LG HDR 4K Monitor (32"). Music fills the day courtesy of Spotify and AirPods 2.


For the mobile experience, I jumped into the Apple "walled garden" around 2021 with the iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB). One of these days it will be old and updated. For reading, I hit up the iPad 9th Generation.  Those will all get updated by Apple in 2024, so who knows? Maybe this list will change.


Don't do much gaming, but love getting beaten down by my kid in Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo Switch, and destroying hordes of enemies in Age of Cataclysm.


I recently posted a list of commonly used software for both work and daily life which you can check out here.

This is part of the /uses movement and you can see more at


Mike Walsh, based in Villarrica, Chile, is a front-end website designer & developer and translator. His blog features tech insights, humor, observations on live, and showcases his web design and development projects.