Different views of Mike Walsh's website shown on iPad, Macbook and iPhone.

Fast & Minimalist Personal Site

For 2023 I decided to give my personal website design a refresh. It was my first project using the Content Management System (CMS) Publii.  I started with the Square template by filling in the basic content (images, text, etc).

I chose a palette of colors (or rather absence of colors) - black and white. To make the links stand out, I applied a yellow underline, similar to a highlighter. The inspiration for this came from Manuel Moreale's blog.

Different views of website shown on desktop, mobile and tablet.

For a unique touch, on mobile devices, the site navigation appears at the bottom of the site similar to a native phone app. It is intended to attract attention, as well as making the site much easier to navigate, as all navigation is close to the visitor's thumb, allowing for easier reach - particularly on phones.

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